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Professional Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Officer License Certification Training Class Nashville TN

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January 2019 Classes

Saturday 1-12-19 9:00am & 1-13-19

February 2019 Classes

Saturday 2-9-19 9:00am & 2-10-19

March 2019 Classes

Saturday 3-9-19 9:00am & 3-10-19

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Armed Security Guard / Officer License Training

Alliance Training and Testing LLC has formed a partnership with Mr. Warren Smith to provide armed security officer guard license certification training.

Mr. Smith brings his vast experience to students and churches he serves. He trains for real life application and tactical situations. He speaks from authority and experience.

Successful completion of this 16-hour course includes four hours of unarmed guard training provided by Alliance Training & Testing LLC at the discounted price of $50.00, and eight additional hours of classroom instruction, and four hours of range training provided by Warren Smith at the discounted price of $110.00.

Classroom instruction focuses on gun laws in Tennessee, legal responsibilities, and selection of weapons and gear.

Range training includes hands-on time with weapons to improve weapon manipulation skills.

Students must score 70 or above on both the written and shooting exams.

Unarmed License Information:


This is a Non Refundable Reservation Fee

All sales of products and services are final. If you do not attend the class on the training date selected your exclusive and sole remedy is to re-schedule for an alternate training date within 60 days of the original training date selected.

The Total Cost for This Training is $160.00

Unarmed Security Officer License Training $50.00

Armed Security Officer License Training $110.00


$110.00 is due on the first day of the class date scheduled.

Acceptable forms of payment are: cash, money orders, and bank checks.

Personal checks are not accepted.

Please make all checks payable to Warren Smith.

Class Minimum (6)

We reserve the right to cancel the class if the (6) person class minimum is not met.

Contact Warren Smith

(615) 202-8029 | Email

Cost: $160.00

Unarmed Security Officer License Training $50.00

Armed Security Officer License Training $110.00

Class Duration: 16 Hours

Day One

(4) Hours Unarmed Classroom

(4) Hours Armed Classroom

Day Two

(4) Hours Armed Classroom

(4) Hours Firearms Training


Day One

315 Deaderick St #125 Nashville, TN 37238

Day Two

7741 US 70 S, Nashville, TN 37221


Day One

No Weapons Required

Day Two

Weapon | Magazine | 50 Rounds Ammo

(No Reloads)

Additional Weapons:

Contact Instructor Warren Smith

(615) 202-8029 | Email

Class Schedule:

Please review the class calendar.

Please register at least 24 hours in advance by using the "Buy Now" link on this page.

It is the responsibility of the "Trainee" to submit the application to the State of Tennessee along with the applicable fee.

For any questions or information regarding this product, please feel free to contact us.

Phone: 615-669-3121